Our Mission

To be a community within the community.
To share and support each other and all that live here.

A consortium of highly experienced business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators that are bound by a common place, a spirit of belonging and an ambition to connect.

A consortium that sets out to help local people and our youth progress.

Our purpose is to foster collaboration. To nurture talent. To support and encourage those in our community of the Northern Beaches to draw on the vast pool of talent available here.

Northern Beaches Innovation was born of the idea that not all innovation takes place in city centres, that there are solutions to the issues facing entrepreneurs much closer to home.

Local is good is a given. Less time on the Spit or the Parkway is good for everyone.

There is much to consider for those seeking to create something new; technology, resource, legal expertise, funding and do much more, not to mention the most basic of needs- community. We value and recognise this in our community – let’s feed it with opportunity and fuel.

We are not about concept, but action. The challenge is always execution, Northern Beaches Innovation is single-mindedly focused on outcomes.

Above all – to always leave something in a better state than when you found it (either by encouragement, investment or by nurturing).