Engineering Youth Pathway

16 September 2019

Northern Beaches Innovation is building a set of pathways for our youth to explore technology and entrepreneurship:

Engineering, Design, Business, Digital Citizenship and Mentoring.

Our first pathway ran over the Spring of 2019 with 12 students learning the fundamentals of software engineering

We're now taking applications for our Autumn 2020 program

The Youth Pathways Program is uniquely available for students at High School on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

As we enter 2020, our first cohort will be for those who understand how the internet works and have been building their own websites and apps. You will be looking to be stretched beyond what you are getting at High School. You are a self-starter with a real passion for software engineering and excited to learn from some of the best software engineers in the world!

It’s a 12 week course, meeting fortnightly with homework set between meetups at Mona Vale Co-Working Space

March 16 Kick Off @ Mona Vale Co-Working

Over the 12 weeks we’re going to build a single web application together. Each student will have a specific task each week to contribute to the team’s overall goal.

The focus of this course will be on building modern web application using Python and the AWS platform. Students will be exposed to AWS Lambdas (serverless code), Dynamo DB for key value storage, Cognito for registration and a variety of other platform components. Front end code will be provided and the focus will be on the back end.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!